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Let's face with its scheduled flights and luxury hotels, Dubai is not really a destination for backpackers mowed. Moreover, tour operators cheap holiday specialists do not schedule Dubai in their brochures. But according to the time it is possible to travel smart. For example, in July, a room in a 5 * Deluxe costs 2 times cheaper than the same in October and some hotels even offer half board. Yes June-September mercury never drops below 36 ° C and in July / August, it seems that sometimes 45 ° C? Do not panic ! Here everything (hotels, restaurants, stores, malls, museums, banks, transport) is conditioned (by the way it will happen to you even get cold). A sweater with 40, is also that Dubai! ... And the pools are cooled.

Plan your trip to Dubai

 Choose a flight or a hotel at the best price - 

for those who like to search and choose themselves a flight, hotel or car rental at the best price on the Internet, try our travel engine. From your departure dates to Dubai it will search for you the best offers from hundreds of flight proposals or hotels that will compare and rank from the best price. You have to click on the banner "More info" to see the detailed offer. Compare flight times, the categories of hotels and do not hesitate to change settings to get the best price (and if you do not go to Paris, just put your provincial town as a departure)

 Emirates and the A380: 

a must and a privilege at reasonable prices - are found, depending on the time, flights Emirates Dubai-Paris (or Nice-Dubai), some A380 (on Paris Dubai for now) for less 500 euros to / and unparalleled comfort (the new Emirates A380 to discover a new experience of the trip).
En as a partner we can put you in touch with the website France Emirates (ranked best airline website) visit, simulate and find the best deal and the best time to book your flight online, it ' free and without intermediary (we do not sell anything ourselves, being neither agency nor travel merchant).

 The strengths of Dubai

Structure hotel of impeccable quality
outstanding local Infrastructure
Toute the year, mild temperatures and sunshine allow for varied leisure (excursions, diving, golf, water sports, fishing, skiing ...) to suit all tastes
cosmopolitan and welcoming Société
total security Climat and spotless
Plages clean and quiet.

Climate and weather in Dubai: from when to Dubai?

subtropical Climat to extreme temperatures and humidity in the summer and pleasant the rest of the year. Sometimes it rains in winter inside the country (Hajjar Mountains), but with 12 days of rain a year the sky is always blue and sunny
Les extreme annual temperatures range between 10 and 48 ° C. In January the average rises to 24 ° C in July to 41 ° C. The most pleasant temperatures are from October to May In summer they are higher but the infrastructure (hotels, restaurants, shopping centers) and all means of transport are air conditioned.

- Dubai Weather: weather forecast in Dubai today and following days (see)
- Temperatures and annual precipitation in Dubai (see)

 What to wear in Dubai

En light cotton for comfort in summer and light jacket or sweater in winter. Allow sunscreen, sunglasses and a sweater for air-conditioned places.
Contrairement to neighboring countries and emirates, Dubai there is no dress code for visitors (and especially women). The bikinis are allowed on the beach and pool but respect Islamic rules (hair, shoulders, arms and legs covered) to visit the Jumeirah Mosque (the only one open to non Muslims).

 Formalities, visa documents, vaccinations and health

Passeport valid more than 6 months after return
Visa free tourist allocated on arrival in the UAE (60-day).
Aucun vaccine is required but check on France diplomacy before starting (see)

Official and spoken language

The official language is Arabic but English is spoken almost everywhere

 How to go to Dubai and how much does it cost?

100 companies Plus serve Dubai but we retained

- Direct flight Paris Dubai: Air France and Emirates with daily go back
- With Transit: Lufthansa (Frankfurt) Qatar Airways (Doha) Gulf Air (Bahrain or Abu Dhabi)

Flight Durée Dubai about 6 1/2 hours to 7 hours without transit, 8 to 9 hours with a stopover.
Décalage time: + 3 hours in winter (GMT + 4), + 2 hours in summer (GMT + 3)
Pour know all airlines serving Dubai, schedules and fares try our flight search "Liligo" (to top of page) or the Emirates France website

 Where to stay in Dubai - Select or book a hotel in Dubai

A Dubai, be it in the city, on the beach or in the desert, you will find the best hotels in the world .: Pour choose from more than 500 proposals for hotels in Dubai select the hotel of our trip comparator tab ( "Plan your trip to Dubai" at the top of the page) and enter your travel dates and the engine will search for you the best offer)

 Money, currency and credit card

Dirham UAE is pegged to the dollar: 1 US $ = 3.67 Dirhams
rate of the day with other currencies (Convert to date)
credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and American Express are accepted everywhere (especially in hotels, restaurants and shops).
more ATMs are plentiful

 Telephone and Telecommunications

international telecommunications are very expensive (but Dubai in Dubai, which are free) especially at the hotel. Take this opportunity to leave a breather your mobile phone. If you're addicted, communications are cheaper night and Friday.
Internet is available at low cost in most hotels.
Pour call France: 00-33 and No. zone without the zero and the 8 digits of your correspondent (eg 1 to Paris, Marseille for 4, 6 for laptops.).

 Drinking Water, alcohol, kitchen

Water is drinking in Dubai, but the mineral water sold in bottles is better. They are everywhere (hotels, restaurants, supermarket, petrol station and even distributors in the street).
Dubaï offers all the kitchen of the world, and a kitchen called "fusion" combining Eastern and Western flavors.
Hormis those located in hotels and restaurants are not allowed to serve alcohol.

 Photographs and current éléctrique

No specific advice for photography in Dubai. However avoid photographing sensitive locations (airports, military installations, oil wells).
It is considered offensive to photograph a woman and it is best to ask permission before photographing men.
En silver as digital, pay attention to heat (do not let your appliances in the sun) and moisture, and station desert sand and dust in general.
Pellicules silver: ISO 200 or ISO 400 if you want to work in lower light.
Digital Appareils, think about your battery chargers (NPC autonomous recorder, etc.)
Courant Power: 220 volts US plug (3 flat plugs). Provide an international adapter although adapters are in the rooms or at reception on request.

 Practice-Infos: you need to know to be cool in Dubai

In Ramadan, and a sign of respect, he is asked tourists not to drink, eat or smoke in public from sunrise to sunset (dates vary careful from one year to another).
Customs does not practice exchange control and arrival allow duty-free cigarettes in 2000, 2 liters of wine and 2 liters of alcohol.
Weekly rest day is Friday (not on Sundays).
Nudism and romantic events in public is prohibited.
The  legal alcohol level while driving is ZERO (if you must drive, remember our 0.40 g / l allowed because here for a drink, hello the damage). Try the local restaurants (no alcohol) or take a taxi.
Drug trafficking (including Hash and Mari) is a crime as well as murder, robbery and rape. Traffickers risk the death penalty and consumers a sentence of four to fifteen years in prison (even for a dose of a few milligrams).


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